Ilkley Art Show 2019


Here are a few of the artists that shall be demonstrating this year at the Ilkley Art Show.

More to be announced soon!



Mixed media artist

Tracey was born in Leeds and now lives in the Yorkshire Dales.


From an early age she has had a fascination with painting and drawing . She left school with an A level in art, other than that she is self taught and feels that this frees her up from the restrictions of a formal art education.


Over the years she has developed and practiced her art learning different techniques and methods from other artists, books, and has spent many hours in galleries studying different types of art work and media.





Charlie Evans was born a long time ago in Yorkshire where he grew up as a country lad.

Charlie went to Lincoln Art College before joining the RAF as a career path. Leaving the RAF and relocating to Northumberland gave Charlie the impetus to develop a career in art, painting and teaching. 


Today, Charlie still lives in Northumberland and travels the country, and  abroad, taking his no-nonsense approach to painting to hundreds of amateur artists.


Charlie represents Daler-Rowney wherever he goes and believes they provide the best art materials available.




Chinese painting artist

Anne has been demonstrating and teaching Chinese Brush Painting for some 20 years and enjoys bringing this art form to others.


She is Secretary and Joint Chairman of the Yorkshire Group of the national Chinese Brush Painters Society and organises monthly workshops at Pool in Wharfedale.

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Watercolour artist

Peter Woolley was born in Derby in 1960. He was educated at Spondon Comprehensive School, where he received Art tuition from the late Wilfred Ball. 

After early experimentation with subject and medium, he settled for the pure watercolour style he now employs. He began painting full-time in December 1986.

Besides touring extensively in the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District, where he gathers his raw material in the form of outdoor sketches, he also teaches watercolour to beginners and runs weekend courses across the North of England throughout the summer months.




Contemporary fine artist 

Robert is a Leeds based artist having settled in West Yorkshire and living in the county for over 22 years. He has travelled extensively in search of overseas subjects (to include the South of France, Venice and New York), which he captures with strong visual colourful presence and a modern impressionistic style. However, it is without doubt that it is his beloved Pennine moors and Dales landscapes and hidden corners along the UK coast which are his main creative inspirations.




Mixed media artist

Without any formal art qualifications, in 1986 Jeremy began painting professionally and successfully, drawing on his natural talent for art and interest in landscape and nature. He also paints still life, nude, and nostalgia scenes.

He teaches watercolour art part-time locally and his work has been commissioned by greeting card companies and is sold online by a number of galleries, including Union Art.



Pastel Artist

Born in Blackpool, Lancashire in 1961, Les trained as a technical and Scientific Illustrator.  Now he has freed himself of the technical preciseness of a photo realistic painting and now paints expressively and creatively.

He has a fascination for storms and extreme weather, whether that is a sunrise at -20 degrees in winter, a snow storm, a stunning sunset or a growing supercell in the height of summer, these are the key elements to his painting.



Mixed Media Artist

Wendi is always striving to do more work that looks at our local natural history and also traditional customs. She uses a range of materials, some naturally sourced herself, including oak gall and walnut inks. She loves to explore the feel of a place and then use crayon, inks and old techniques to create a narrative.


Often echoing the social history, reflecting on old trades and also superstitions. Alongside these pieces she also creates imagery that is so very different; exceptionally bright, intense colours and a resonance of subculture. 



Watercolour artist

Having spent most of his early years drawing in pencil and charcoal, Stephen decided to specialise in watercolours. However, like everyone else on the planet, he found it difficult and frustrating. He embarked on a long road of self learning and eventually gained an extensive understanding of the watercolour medium and developed his own unique style.

Stephen has a charismatic presentation style and likes to entertain a little too which keeps everyone on their toes and assists with the learning process.

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