Workshop 13.

Saturday 3rd August 2019

Under the stage at The Kings Hall. 

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Create an acrylic painting with guidence and tips from Louise Fletcher.

“My process is an intuitive one. I don’t work from photographs or sketches. I don’t always have a specific view in mind when I paint. But I walk the hills and moors around my home every day, so these experiences and memories are always with me.I begin each painting with a period of ‘play’ or experimentation, moving paint, making marks, trying out ideas. Sometimes I sand my paintings back after a few layers of paint, revealing interesting textures and surprising marks. And then I begin to layer again.” Louise Fletcher


Some materials will be provided although you will need to bring a few items to get the most out of the workshop. If you do not have the required equipment you will have the opportunity to purchase these at unbeatable prices at the show or before at The Art Shop in Ilkley or Northallerton.


Materials to bring with you

A selection of your favourite acrylic paint colours.

2 Brushes suitable for acrylic, round or flat, small sizes.

3 Larger brushes, decorator types, 1”, 2”, 3”

Palette knife (not essential)



We will provide

Watercolour Paper, water pot, board, palette.


Instructions regarding how to get a discounted ticket in the Ilkley Art Show will be emailed to you after purchase along with information about the workshop.

Louise Fletcher | Intuitive Painting with Acrylics

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